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 Number 1, if we talk about number one movie, then it is the first movie of our list, Fast X Ha Dost Fast X, which is the tenth part of Fast and Furious, which has been released in India today i.e. 19 May 2023

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 Number 2 is Extraction 2, which is going to be released in 2023, if you have not seen Extraction First yet, then you should watch Extraction Part 1 first so that you can understand the whole story of the movie, in the movie you will see Chris Hemsworth again in action.  Will see release date 16 June 2023  

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Talking about the number 3 movie, this is Secret Invasion produced by our Marvel, in which we will get to see Nick Fury in the main role, along with some other new characters, this movie will be released on June 21, 2023, so if you are a Marvel fan, then for you  Happy news.




Marvel's second movie at number 4 is The Marvel's because we have seen in the last episode of Miss Marvel web series that for some reason Captain Marvel replaces Miss Marvel.  And watching the movie trailer shows that we are going to see 3-3 Marvel's in the movie, this movie will be released on 10 November 2023, so if you haven't seen Miss Marvel web series yet, go and watch it.  


 Talking about number 5, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, which is part of the Mission Impossible series, the movie is going to be full of action and after a long time, we will get to see this movie. Movie release date 12 July 2023



 Number 6 the flash So those who have not been able to watch the flash tv series season in hindi, there is good news for them because this year the flash movie is going to be released in which main character will be of flash, this will be dc's first ever movie in which main  Flash will be shown in the character, the release date of the movie is 16 June 2023.  


 No. 7 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom  Yes friends Aquaman part 2 is also going to be released this year, this year we will get a chance to enjoy Marvel as well as dc comics movies, Aquaman part 2's wait is over, this movie will be released on 10 



Number 8 echo tv series This TV series will see the further story of Hawkeye TV series echo, so if you haven't seen Hawkeye TV series yet, then first you should watch Hawkeye TV series so that you can understand the concept of echo TV series.  can come


Number 9 Ironheart (TV series) in which we will get to see about Black Panther Wakanda Forever Dominique Thorne along with how I can make that suit like Ironman and I will get to see about his past or future life this TV series will be released November 2023  In .

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