Moon Knight season 2 release date

Marc and Steven could be returning for more of their Marvel series, and we’ve looked into the potential Moon Knight season 2 release date


When is the Moon Knight season 2 release date? The Fist of Khonshu is no more, well, he’s still around, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on Moon Knight is done for now. A truly mind-bending Marvel series Moon Knight had it all Egyptian gods, duelling avatars, and even a talking hippo what more could you want?

As the ending teased while Marc and Steven may have finally found common ground, they’re not the only personality living in that body. We saw in the Moon Knight finale that Khonshu is keen to take advantage of that fact and although he promised to release Marc and Steven from their duty he’s far from done with the double act.

So what’s next for Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Khonshu, and the rest of the fantasy series cast? Well, we don’t like to brag, but we’re sort of internet archaeologists, and there’s nothing we like more than digging into the dirt of the web and finding secret knowledge, so here’s everything we learned about a potential Moon Knight season 2 release date. Warning, spoilers ahead!

That said, Moon knight writer and producer Jeremy Slater did tell Total Film his ambitions for the character beyond the series – although he admits he’s not sure if the Fist of Khonshu will ever join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


“The honest answer is I don’t know. Because [Marvel boss] Kevin [Feige] is the guy who decides all that stuff,” he explained. “Look, if it was up to me, he would be part of the Avengers. It’s absolutely not up to me, but I think that is the goal!” So as things stand, we’re unlikely to get a Moon knight season 2, but as Feige once said, you can never say never with the MCU.

Isaac and Mohamed Diab also teased fans with a TikTok video from Cairo where it was suggested that work had indeed begun on Moon Knight season 2, but Marvel has not officially confirmed the news. Something’s definitely going on with the character. We just don’t know what it is yet.

While a lot of fans might be keen to see the caped vigilante battle Werewolf By Night, we think it would be cool if the next series adapted the Shadow Knight storyline. This story saw Marc’s brother Randall return as the deadly Shadow Knight, an evil version of Moon Knight who became a sort of warped version of Khonshu’s avatar.


There’s also the dangling thread of Marc’s third personality, the seemingly unscrupulous Jake Lockley, who put a bullet in Harrow (Ethan Hawkes’ head). Neither Marc nor Steven are aware of his existence yet, but we can’t see that lasting much longer.

Indeed Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater has teased that the question of Jake Lockley may be explored in the future. “Everything is in service of the greater good. But is he going to be a friend?” he told The Direct. “Is he an enemy? I think all those are really exciting questions for whoever takes up the reins. Whoever gets to tell the next Moon Knight story, whether that’s me or someone else, that is an exciting promise. This guy’s story is definitely not done.”

Moon Knight season 2 cast speculation

If Moon Knight season 2 happens, Oscar Isaac would likely return as the titular hooded hero. That means we’d probably see Marc and Steven turn up as well, but the funny thing is with Moon Knight, you can never really guarantee which of his personalities will be around story to story.

If Moon Knight’s back, he’ll also need his patron god. That means F. Murray Abraham will probably be back in the recording booth to give Khonshu, the moon god, his voice. Similarly, we can’t see Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) abandoning her husband? Husbands? It’s complicated; you’ll forgive us for getting a bit confused.


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The only Moon Knight character we can’t see coming back, at least in any substantial way, is Ethan Hawke’s, Arthur Harrow. While we’ve loved the glass-crunching maniac, we just can’t see Hawke committing to playing the Marvel villain again, and you know he did get shot in the head, which makes a return difficult but not impossible.

That’s all we know about Moon Knight seaosn 2. Not much, we know, but we’re staying optimistic. For information on things that are definitely happening, check out our guides on The Marvels and Marvel’s phase 5.

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